Strengthening Churches Team

If you’re interested in working on a specific area of your ministry… capturing a unique opportunity… or just helping your church get healthier… the Strengthening Churches Team is a valuable resource.  Here’s how the process works:


Contact our office – (770) 532-3371 or –  and request an initial conversation.  One or two team members will be in tourch to learn as much as possible about your situation.  If the pastor agrees, a 2nd level interview will be conducted with selected church leaders.  (Check out the pdf below for a list of sample questions.)


If warranted, formal assessment tools/surveys are made available.  Information from personal interviews, statistical data, and any formal assessments are compiled for review.  The full 8 member Church Strengthening Team will study these results, and help develop a list of optional approaches.  Team members who have already been working with your church will help you determine your next steps.

Pathway Options

Church Program Track –  In some cases it’s clear that the church is basically healthy and working together to accomplish it’s mission.  All that’s needed is to identify which ministry area you hope to strengthen, and find the right resources.  The Church Strengthening Team is trained to help you organize your efforts & get you connected with people who can help.

Church Health Track –  Sometimes the church is struggling to agree on a central vision, or is conflicted about important issues.  In these cases the issue isn’t “tweaking” a program; it’s rooted in restoring the church to health.  The Church Strengthening Team can provide strategies & approaches to help you re-connect with your mission & start making progress.

Support for the Journey

Strengthening your church is more of a journey than a destination.  Unlike consultants who come & go… the Church Strengthening Team members assigned to you will be local & available for as long as you choose to contract with them.

icon-pdf Initial Questions