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CBA School of Christian Ministry




The CBA School of Christian Ministry (CBA SCM) exists to help future ministry leaders prepare for service in the context of a local church.  Participants who complete the required course work have the potential to earn up to 21 hours of credit toward a master’s degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS).  It is assumed the applicant has earned or will earn a four year degree prior to the completion of this program. In addition to this investment in their formal education, the CBA SCM will work to facilitate placement of each student in a local ministry role, residency program, or internship where they can gain practical ministry experience.

Participation in the CBA SCM requires the following steps:

1.  Complete a formal application to enroll in CBA SCM.  
Applications for the CBA School of Christian Ministry are closed for the Fall 2022 semester.

2.  Once approved as a student, individuals will be required to register online for the classes they would like to complete.  Course offerings and teachers will be updated at the beginning of each term. CLICK TO REGISTER HERE
Only students who have completed the application form and been accepted are able to successfully register.
Please see below for additional registration requirements only applicable to the Discipleship and Spiritual Formation Course.

3. If registering for the Discipleship and Spiritual Formation Course, these students will be required to purchase a MinistrySafe subscription for $10. This fee is paid directly to MinistrySafe. CLICK HERE TO BE REDIRECTED TO MINISTRYSAFE AND PURCHASE


Credit toward a specific degree program at NOBTS is contingent upon completion of the CBA SCM course requirements/syllabus.  Earned credit hours will only be applied toward a NOBTS degree upon subsequent enrollment/acceptance as a student at NOBTS.    

No tuition charges will apply for hours transferred toward completion of a NOBTS degree.  However, there will be a small administrative fee in connection with registration for CBA SCM courses.