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Raising Up the Next Generation

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Effective church planters have an entrepreneurial drive. They’re fueled by a vision to reach people. And they’re not dissuaded by the challenge, even if it involves being portable, hav- ing few “programs” to offer, and raising their own support. So where do you find these guys? Sometimes right under your nose!

Some of our future church planters may be sitting in the seats of an established church. Per- haps even more, though, are already involved in a local
church plant, having been drawn to the work, but not
yet sure of their call to lead. Or perhaps they’re unable

to serve long-term because the church plant where they attend can’t support them financially.

What would happen if we could identify young
leaders with a definite call to plant, and find a
way to support them while they prepare? The Branch
Church in Dahlonega has been asking that question for
a while. They established a residency program to train
candidates, but they lacked the funds to provide part-
time salary support. After one of their candidates had
to drop out to provide for his family, they approached the NewWork Foundation for help.

Jared Ray is in his third year of the residency pipeline at The Branch. Through that experience he’s confirmed a definite call to ministry and church planting. Now, with some support from the New Work Foundation (added to his part-time salary @ ChickFilA), he’ll be able to come

on as a part time resident at The Branch. He’ll continue learning and growing about what it means to be a pastor/planter through in ten- tional training and benchmarks. And one day soon (God willing!) he will be planting a new congregation in N.E. Georgia!

Join us in praying for Jared and his wife, Tori, as they are following God’s call on their lives.