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Opportunities to Serve

There’s almost no limit to local opportunities where you or your group can serve. CBA’s Missional Team exists to help churches & individuals find the right place… and/or clarify your missional approach.

Ministry to Underserved/Underprivileged
Good Samaritan Ministry – The Good Samaritan ministry is located on the campus of CBA, and is one of the largest food ministries in N.E. Georgia. It exists to help struggling families with food & furniture needs, and also to provide information about educational or employment options. Click here to find out more. Volunteers are constantly needed to counsel with clients, re-stock shelves, and/or help with food pickups. Contact Connie Johnson (770) 532-3371 or to volunteer and/or schedule a group.

In His Name – Pastor Jon Huebner established In His Name in 2013 to meet the spiritual needs of families living in local appartment communities. At present, this ministry is operating in 4 communities (3 in Gainesville, and one in Habersham Co.) Volunteers are needed to teach/work with children, and lead Bible studies for their parents. Contact Jon Huebner (706) 968-6555 or to volunteer or find out more.

Camp Hope – This ministry provides an opportunity each year for up to 100 underprivileged children to experience a week of summer camp. Click here to find out more. Volunteers (esp. students) are needed to serve as camp counselors, (boys week or girls week), to help lead worship, or help with transportation. Church groups are also needed to provide meals. Contact Connie Johnson (770) 532-3371 or

Christmas Hope – Each year this ministry provides the means for local children to receive gifts for Christmas. Volunteers are needed to donate new toys, to help sort and organize donated toys, and to counsel with families as they apply for Christmas Hope. For more information visit: or you may contact our office or Laura Haynes & Kimberly Souther at

Human Trafficking
Street Grace – Georgia Baptists have begun partnering with Street Grace ( to attack the roots of this problem in our region. Call the CBA office – (770) 532-3371 – & ask for Connie Johnson to learn how you can connect with volunteer opportunities.

Wellspring – Wellspring Living is a local organization working with churches to combat human trafficking in Atlanta & N.E. Georgia. Check out their site @

Church Planting
Every new church is looking for teams that can help with a local project or ministry. And many new churches are looking for ministry leaders to help them connect with a specific “niche” in our community. Contact Rod Zwemke – (770) 530-9823 or, or Ruben Perea – (770) 534-6463 or – to learn how you or your group can help.

Student Internships – Special opportunities exist for students looking to gain experience in church planting. Contact Rod Zwemke for details.

Potential Church Planters – Find out more about CBA’s residency program for potential church planters here. Also, check out how to access the North American Mission Board’s Send America program:

Cross-Cultural Ministry (local)
Immigration Counseling – Providing local residents with the knowledge & support needed to pursue legal residence and/or citizenship. Contact Ruben Perea for details.

Mission Gainesville (Pozo de Esperanza) – An “immersion” experience allowing you and/or your group to experience another culture without leaving home. Pastor Jose Delgado will provide a local family to host you for a week while you connect with local mission opportunities via his congregation. Contact Jose @ (678) 521-3590 or

Construction Projects (local)
Carpenters for Christ seeks out local (usually small scale) renovation or construction projects that benefit needy people… and sometimes churches. Click here or contact Frank Greenway for details on how you can get involved: (770) 530-3634 or

Disaster Relief
Disaster relief units are trained to offer relief in the aftermath of a disaster anywhere in the U.S. CBA has two active units: one (primarily ham radio) to provide emergency communications, and one (shared with Sarepta Assoc. in Athens) for cleanup & recovery. Click here to learn more, or contact Horace Maddox for information about getting started: (770) 561-6473 or

International Missions
Check out the variety of ways you can pursue international missions via the IMB:

Special opportunities exist for students:

Local Connections: CBA’s Missional Team can help you get connected to a number of local churches that are already engaged in quality work overseas. Contact the CBA office to set up a conversation.