Fight Clubs (Peer Accountability Groups)

Upcoming Groups


Summer/Fall 2018:

 1.  Discipling Growing Believers – Stacy Phillips

Today’s ministry context requires church leaders to excel in discipling others.  But most have never been discipled themselves.  This group will expose participants to “best practices” for discipleship, and allow them to practice/develop essential skills in a supervised group environment.  Total of 5 sessions.  Cost:  $75

2.  Mentoring an Emerging Leader – George Thomasson

 Reaching your next generation of leaders won’t happen “accidentally.”  It starts when you adopt a new mindset about investing in people.  And its accelerates when mentoring leaders becomes a honed skill.  Participants in this group will learn/practice a model that combines disciple-making, mentoring, and apprenticeship to establish a strong foundation for developing future leaders.  Total of 6 sessions.  Cost:  $75 


Recent Groups


Spring 2018:

 1. Conquering the Time Monster – Levi Skipper & Jeff Williams

 Effective ministry means “redeeming the time.”  But today’s online world, persistent ministry demands, and the reality of daily interruptions, make this difficult.  Participants in this group will practice skills and utilize tools to establish priorities, maintain balance, and develop new habits for managing over-taxed schedules.  Total of 5 sessions.  Cost:  $75


Summer/Fall 2017:

 1. Multiplying Your Impact as a Student Minister – Brandon Roney

 This group is designed to help student pastors & leaders develop skills in areas that may not come naturally, but are vital to undergird long-term effectiveness.  Three areas will receive primary focus:  a.) Creating strong partnerships with parents, b.) Developing & caring for a great team of volunteers, and c.) large group communication skills.  1st meeting July  20th, 2017.  Total of 5 sessions.  Cost:  $75


Spring 2017: 

 1. Becoming a More Effective Communicator – Joel Southerland

 This group is designed to help pastors &/or those who teach regularly to increase effectiveness via better preparation cycles.  Participants will experiment with utilizing a group to deepen insights, sharpen ideas, & enhance creativity.  Local “guest” pastors will drop in on each meeting to share their own approaches to series and sermon preparation.  1st meeting Feb. 9th, 2017.  Total of 5 sessions.  Cost:  $75.


Summer/Fall 2016:

 1.  Leading People in Worship – James Dollar

 Designed to help worship leaders learn/practice the dynamics of facilitatng a quality worship experience week by week… and also the habits that build relationships to undergird the ministry.  1st meeting Jul. 12th, 2016.  Total of 5 sessions.  Cost:  $75.


2.  Creating an Evangelistic Culture in Your Church – Joel Southerland & Jeff Williams

 Issues & strategies for increasing your church’s evangelistic impact.  Participants review their personal habits in light of how these may affect the goal of creating an evangelistic culture.  Also required to develop a 1 year plan for your church.  1st meeting Jul. 21st.  Total of 5 sessions. Cost:  $75


Spring 2016:


1.  Visionary Leadership – Jeff Crook

 Helping pastors learn the pathways for long-term leadership in a church.  Disciplines covered include the process of clarifying God’s vision, communicating vision, and focusing resources to accomplish the vision.  Total of 5 sessions.  Cost:  $75.


2.  Creating a System for Discipleship in Your Church – Ken Adams


Designed to help leaders determine the best strategy for building disciples (vs. merely attenders) in a church.  Participants are required to initiate an actual discipling relationship during the course of the group.  In addition, they will be asked to clarify a specific strategy/system for future implementation.  Total of 5 sessions. Cost:  $75


Summer/Fall 2015:


1.  Leading Change Effectively – Bob Horner/Larry Wynn


Helping pastors identify “blind spots” and enhance their ability to connect with the people they hope to lead.  Subjects include earning trust, connecting with people, wise leadership of change, dealing with criticism, etc.  Total of 5 sessions.  Cost:  $75


2.  Increasing Evangelistic Effectiveness – Randy Mullinax/Thomas Hammond


Issues & strategies for increasing your church’s evangelistic impact.  Participants review their personal habits in light of how these may affect the goal of creating an evangelistic culture.  In addition, 6 basic church strategies are studied/outlined.  Each participant required to develop a one-year plan for thier church.  Total of 5 sessions.  Cost:  $75


Spring 2015:


1.  Preparing for Your Next Phase in Ministry – Jim Austin


Helping pastors assess the health of their spiritual “core” – the central commitments that make healthy ministry possible.  Total of 6 sessions.  Cost:  $100.


2.  Developing Leaders in a Local Church Setting – Scott Goetz/Jojo Thomas


Introducing leaders to commitments, processes, & tools required for developing (vs. “using”) leaders within your church.  Each participant will be required to begin developing a leaders within your church.  Each participant will be required to begin developing a specific/emerging leader during the term of meetings.  Total of 6 sessions.  Cost:  $50