Accelerating your Progress – Coaching

Individual Coaching

No one understands his own ministry context like a local pastor/leader.  Because of that, no one can dictate or claim to know the “right” path he should take.  However, the right coach can help a pastor or leader understand his options with greater clarity, and encourage him/her to keep moving forward.  The result is a stronger, more independent leader… and a healthier ministry.  Contact us at (770) 532-3371 or if you’re interested in formal coaching.

Becoming a Trained Coach/Training Your Team

CBA hosts at least two workshops each year to give leaders with a powerful tool for sharpening skills and/or increasing the impact of staff teams.  And some local churches are already laying a foundation to provide encouragement/support (via an internal network of trained coaches) to anyone who serves in their congregation.  Workshops are usually 1 1/2 days, followed by 3 “practice” coaching sessions.  A small charge is involved for each participant.

Video Resources

Check out the following video resource/links to complete a “make up” session, or to familiarize yourself with the principles of coaching.


Bob Bumgardner