Leadership Development

We believe one of the best ways to help churches is to invest in leaders.  Whether they’re staff members or lay leaders… paid or unpaid, these are the people God is using to make a difference in the ministry.   When the leader grows, the church is in position to take a step forward.

“Fight Clubs” (Peer Accountability Groups)

There’s always too much to do, and sometimes powerful forces that resist change.  That’s why most leaders struggle to implement what they “learn” at conferences or classes.  “Fight Clubs” are small groups (usually between 5-7) of leaders committed to learning a specific skill.  Meetings include a mentor who has mastered the specific discipline involved, and participants are required to plan for/implement actual change based on what they’re learning. Participation involves a financial commitment which will be announced prior to each group launch.  Click on the nav panel to find out about current & upcoming groups.


Whether the issue is leading change, or personal growth, the best leaders know progress can be accelerated by using a coach.  CBA is committed to providing access to coaching on 3 levels:

1.  Good (Helping Pastors/leaders Address Specific Challenges.)  CBA provides individual coaching for pastors/leaders who want to strengthen the ministry in their church, or learn a new ministry skill.  Contact our office (joan@cbamissions.org) to find out how to get started.

2.  Better (Training Pastors/leaders to Use Coaching Techniques @ Church.)  Coaching provides a powerful tool to help pastors invest in/develop their own staff & lay leaders.  Training is provided via a 2-day workshop, followed by several guided “practice” sessions with a trained coach.   Workshops are scheduled at least twice a year (usually early spring & fall.)  Call our office to find out about details.

3.  Best (Developing a Network of Coaches Within Your Church)  Imagine the impact of being able to provide focused development/discipleship to every leader (or emerging leader) in your church.  Most churches lack a strategy and a working system for this, but creating a network of coaches within your congregation makes it possible!  Contact Jojo Thomas (jojo@cbamissions) or Scott Goetz (sgoetz55@gmail.com) to learn more.

Pastor’s Round Tables

Sometimes it’s helpful just to have a place where ideas & questions can be discussed with other pastors/leaders.  Pastors Round Tables provide this opportunity in a setting where group members choose their own discussion subjects.  These groups are usually mid-sized (8-15 people), and choose a PM meeting time (great opportunity for those who serve in a bi-vocational church.)  Stacy Dyer from GBC’s Church Revitalization division is presently leading a group which meets bi-monthly.  Next meeting date is 6:30 Aug. 20th, 2015 @ the CBA office.  (Check out the doc below for more information.)

Key Leadership Summit

Every other year CBA sponsors a regional event designed to help you train leaders for ministry teams in your church.  Special attention is always given to the basics of small group/sunday school ministry at each age level.  But breakout sessions are also provided for just about every type of ministry our churches pursue.  This year’s Summit will take place on August 21st at Blackshear Place Baptist Church.  More information is forthcoming.