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Fight Clubs

Fight Clubs are designed to help local pastors/leaders sharpen their ministry skills. Each of these clubs are led and strategically designed by experienced pastors and leaders.

Matt Williams discussing how Fight Clubs have enhanced his ministry at Northlake Baptist.

Current & Upcoming Fight Clubs

Creating Your vision frame

In the aftermath of COVID-19 every ministry is preparing for a new/different future.  Learn to identify and build on the key factors that will maximize your impact.  Facilitated by Grady Sutton – Exec. Pastor @ Christ Place Church.  August 20, 2020.  Key text:  Church Unique, by Will Mancini.  Cost:  $100

Evangelism in a Post-COVID world

As churches begin adjusting to new realities it’s clear some things have changed dramatically.  Lingering reluctance toward in-person meetings & the un-tapped potential of on-line tools call for new approaches to evangelism.  Learn what’s already beginning to bear fruit in other churches, and how you can apply new methods in your own church.  Facilitated by Jason Britt, pastor @ Bethlehem Church.  First of 4 total sessions (Aug. 13th) via Zoom.  Cost:  $75.

Past Fight Clubs

  • Growing Your Small Group ministry – Fall 2019

    (Scott Smith)
  • Strengthening Leadership Skills – Spring 2019

    (Jim Austin)
  • Your First 3 Years in a New Pastorate – Spring 2019

    (Levi Skipper)
  • Discipling Growing Believers – Fall 2018

    (Stacy Phillips)
  • Mentoring an Emerging Leader – Fall 2018

    (George Thomasson)
  • Conquering the Time Monster -Spring 2018

    (Levi Skipper & Jeff Williams)
  • Multiplying Your Impact as a Student Minister – Fall 2017

    (Brandon Roney)
  • Becoming a More Effective Communicator – Spring 2017

    (Joel Southerland)
  • Leading People in Worship – Fall 2016

    (James Dollar)
  • Creating an Evangelistic Culture in Your Church – Fall 2016

    (Joel Southerland & Jeff Williams)
  • Visionary Leadership – Spring 2016

    (Jeff Crook)
  • Creating a System for Discipleship in Your Church – Spring 2016

    (Ken Adams)
  • Leading Change Effectively – Fall 2015

    (Larry Wynn & Bob Horner)
  • Increasing Evangelistic Effectiveness – Fall 2015

    (Thomas Hammond & Randy Mullinax)
  • Preparing for Your Next Phase in Ministry – Spring 2015

    (Dr. Jim Austin)
  • Developing Leaders in a Local Church Setting – Spring 2015

    (Scott Goetz & Jojo Thomas)