Once again it’s October and we at Good Samaritan see thousands of needy people come in and out our doors. We see at least one hundred fifty to two hundred new applications each month. Our Lord said we would always have the needy with us. But in this present time we are living in, the numbers continue to increase. Some would say it’s due to laziness and others, well, say they just don’t try.

     What is a “Good Samaritan?” Jesus presented the illustration as a man walking along the road and finding an injured individual who was in need. The neat thing about this lesson was the “Good Samaritan” did not ask his name. He did not ask what nationality he was, or what faith he was. He didn’t want to know the injured man’s past or whether he was working or not. He didn’t want to know if he had been riding a new donkey or an old beat up one. He wasn’t wondering if his expenses would be reimbursed or if he would get recognition. This man just saw a need and because of the compassion and love in his heart, he took care of the need. What an awesome lesson for us all to embrace.

     The question we ask ourselves now is “what kind of Good Samaritan are we?”  Have we truly put our whole life in our Lord’s hands?  Do we give freely of our money and our time? Jesus calls us to a life of servitude.  He called us to be used in saving the world. So let’s make a commitment to give our lives as Jesus did, totally and full of love. I hope and pray you all have a great holiday season and may God bless you.

Alvin Bagwell , Director                                                                                                                                       Good Samaritan Ministries