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Key Leadership/Spark – Lighting a Fire

Last Monday night (8/29) Christ Place Church hosted CBA’s Key Leadership Summit. Since it
normally takes place every other year, we assumed it would happen in 2021. But in 2020, when
it was time to start planning, Covid was still raging. So we hit “pause” and targeted Aug. ’22.
Last Monday was the first time we’ve offered Key Leadership since Covid. It was also the first
time we’ve partnered with the Ga. Baptist Mission Board’s “SPARK” (video) training event.
The result was a great night of training & encouragement. Pastor Jimmy Scroggins hit a home
run in his keynote address. Christ Place went “over & above” hosting leaders and churches
from across the region. GBMB provided support in multiple ways. And at last count 581 people
attended, representing at least 49 different churches.

Best of all, leaders from all over Northeast Georgia left encouraged and energized for the year ahead.
Their commitment “in the trenches” will translate into stronger ministry every week… in every
corner of Northeast Georgia. To God be the glory! We’re asking Him to light a fire that will keep
spreading until the future of our region is transformed.