New Work Foundation

20150205-094120-00001The CBA New Work Foundation provides financial support to new congregations.  Support is usually provided in the form of one-year grants designated for a specific purpose.  New congregations are invited to apply for a grant by providing a prospectus which describes their church’s mission & vision… and completing a written application requesting funds (linked to accomplishment of specific goals.)  Grant requests are evaluated in a meeting of the NWF Executive Trustees on the 2nd Tues. of each month.

Becoming a Supporting Partner

Churches & Individuals may give on a one-time or on-going basis.  Call the CBA office @ (770) 532-3371 to learn more.

Sunday School classes or small groups often look for ways to invest in Kingdom growth.  The New Work Foundation is a great option!  Classes may contribute on a one-time basis, or monthly.  Contact Rod Zwemke or Jojo Thomas to get started.

100 Givers Program – The New Work Foundation seeks to enlist 100 people each year who are willing to donate $25 per month to support new congregations.  Contact our office if you’re willing to be one of 100!

Estate Gifts – The New Work Foundation is equipped to receive estate gifts of all types.  All gifts are treated as confidential.

Memorial Gifts – A memorial gift program is available for those who wish to remember or honor a loved one.

Serving as a Trustee

Each CBA church is encouraged to place one trustee on the main board.  CBA pastors may submit recommendations at any time (though active service may not begin until after approval at a recognized meeting of the CBA.)