Can you see them?

As the fourth of July quickly approaches, many of us will be going out with our friends, family or co-workers to celebrate our nation’s birthday. There will be boating, skiing, and travel and ending with a great climatic fireworks display but in our pursuit and preparation for the festivities, we go to the grocery stores, parks and even down the streets we live on and I wonder if we see the struggle going on around us. Do we catch a glance of the man, woman, child, who is living in our neighborhoods who don’t have sufficient food to eat or clothing to wear. Children who wear worn out hand-me downs because their parents can’t afford better. And we give away our old items so to make room for the latest styles to hit the shelves.

Do we see these people or turn our heads and hearts so as not to have to think about them or their plight. Where have we come as a Christian society where we are so busy chasing after our own desires but don’t have the time or the heart to care for those who struggle around us. We say “They should try harder”, or “They’re just a lazy bunch, it’s what they deserve”. I wonder where we all would be if our God gave us what we really deserve. Guys we all really need to stop and look around and let our God speak to our hearts as to our responsibility and His purpose for our lives. So how about you, can you see them?

Alvin Bagwell, Dir. Good Samaritan Min.