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Vision, Strategy, Values

Our Vision for N.E. Georgia…

  • To see every CBA church healthy, growing, and reproducing… prepared to meet the coming opportunity in N.E. Georgia.
  • To see every CBA pastor/leader spiritually healthy & reaching their full potential.
  • To see a generation of new churches (60 within 15 years) come alongside our existing churches to help meet the challenge.
  • To see a true relational network established… which allows us to share resources & achieve our greatest impact.

We believe God’s call for our network of churches isn’t just numerical growth or institutional survival, but the transformation of a region.  We exist to reshape the spiritual future of N.E. Georgia.

Our Primary Strategies…

In order to reach our goals, we focus on a few basic strategies:

  1. Strengthening Churches  We invest in/encourage leaders to raise the level of each church’s ministry, and we link churches to multiply their collective impact.
  2. Starting Churches to help reach every “niche” within our population
    • Anglo (classic) congregations
    • Ethnic/Hispanic congregations
    • Multi-housing communities
    • House church networks & missional communities
  3. Resourcing Motivated Leaders


The Values We Live By…

  1. Committed to Ministry –  We serve Jesus first & foremost.  We’ll do whatever it takes to achieve His goals.
  2. Committed to Helping Our Churches –  We exist to help our churches achieve maximum impact. If we can’t comply with a request directly, we’ll help them find someone who can.
  3. Committed to Planting Churches – We believe these next decades will bring unprecedented opportunity in N.E. Georgia, and we believe God is calling new churches into existence to meet the challenge.  It’s our privilege to be a part of what He’s doing.
  4. Committed to Serving People – We believe every person is precious to God, and we treat them with respect.
  5. Committed to Helping God’s People Work Together – We believe in the power of a cooperating network to make a regional impact.
  6. Committed to a God-Sized Vision – We believe God is giving us an opportunity to change the spiritual future of N.E. Georgia.
  7. Committed to Excellence/Personal Growth – We believe in the value of personal growth and constant improvement so we can give Jesus our best.