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CBA History

Nine Churches

In 1826 Native Americans were still active in the mountains of Northeast Georgia.  America was still a new nation, with thousands of settlers migrating from coastal regions to start new lives.  They started churches wherever they went, resulting in multiple new congregations – nearly always small and isolated – scattered throughout the region.  These small groups of people treasured the opportunity to fellowship with a larger gathering of believers.  They also understood the value of working together to reach their entire region with the Gospel.  To accomplish this goal, nine churches came together at Hopewell Baptist church on March 4, 1826, and voted to organize the Chattahoochee Baptist Association.


Today, the CBA has grown to more than 75 congregations.  Though some still reflect our rich rural heritage, many others do not.  Each congregation reaches a part of the diverse population that now makes up our region. But all are united around the same goal that led those 9 churches to establish a local network/association of churches in 1826 – the desire to reach all of Northeast Georgia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.