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Home » Church Planting » Why Plant with CBA?

Why Plant with CBA?

Home » Church Planting » Why Plant with CBA?
  • You have a Vision
  • You have a Calling
  • You are Planting a Church

We can help and here’s how…

A proven track record.   

In 9 years, our network has planted 27 churches with a 75% success rate.  Those churches now collectively average 2,300 in weekly worship and have produced over 1,000 baptisms.

A church planting vision. 

Our vision is to plant dozens of churches in our region of all styles, methods and make-ups.  We are looking to invest in leaders with vision, integrity and humility.

A comprehensive strategy.     

We offer a one-stop shop for church planters, in cooperation with local churches and denominational entities to offer assessment, equipping, community, coaching, and resources.  This process can assist those who have yet to plant and support those who have already launched a new work.