Carpenters For Christ

Northeast Georgia contains many people who can’t do basic maintenance on their own homes.  And many members of CBA churches have skills to help.  Carpenters for Christ seeks to link people who have a need with those who have the skills and free time to help.  Projects are mostly short-term and include minor repairs, wheelchair ramps, or light construction.  Cost is minimal (materials only), and may be free of charge in some situations.

Suggest a Project

While most projects are designed to help families, Carpenters for Christ has also served organizations and/or churches.  If you know a deserving family or organization, contact Frank Greenway – (770) 530-3634 or


While each project will be supervised by an experienced volunteer, you don’t need a background in construction.  If you have free time and are open to serving others, we’d love to have you on the team!


We seek to help families with a genuine need.  Because of that, most projects are funded through donations.  Contact our office if you want to contribute to a specific project, or if you’d like to support the ministry of Carpenters for Christ