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Camp Hope

In the mid 1960’s Rev. Howard Blalock had a vision for investing in the lives of young boys involved in the Juvenile system.  Many of these young men came from troubled backgrounds, but this didn’t negate the potential impact of the Gospel in their lives.  Camp Hope was born out of this vision.  Every summer, for a couple of weeks, troubled young people were transported to a local camp where they could enjoy the outdoors and learn about God’s grace.

2015 marks the 50th year of the Camp Hope ministry.  What began as a “boys only” camp has now expanded to include both a girls week and a boys week.  And what began as a ministry to young men in the Juvenile system now includes underprivileged kids of all types.  Most importantly, hundreds of young people have trusted Jesus as Savior along the way, and hundreds of lives have been re-directed.

This year we’re celebrating the ministry of Camp Hope.  We’re thankful for all those who have volunteered over the years to make it possible.   We’re also thankful for many who have given generously to support it.  A special recognition goes to the Anglers Sunday School class at First Baptist Gainesville, which has supported Camp Hope every year since it’s beginning, and has been this ministry’s largest contributor.

In 2015 the camp took place the weeks of June 15th (Girls week) and June 22nd (Boys week)  in Toccoa, Ga.  48 girls and 39 boys took part… adding to a total of over 4000 children who have been blessed by this ministry during the past 50 years.  And we’re excited to celebrate 19 more children who professed faith in Jesus… adding to approximately 800 others who have trusted Jesus through the ministry of Camp Hope.

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Camp Hope