It’s impossible to watch the news these days & turn away un-moved.  Whether the issue is wholesale rejection of God’s created order, attacks on the religious freedoms that have defined us, deep hurts and mistrust between races, or a wave of violence that threatens chaos… we’re grieved by what we see.

Some have blamed the Church for all these ills.  In their view, none of this would be happening if we had done a better job.  Others point out that despite the faithfulness of God’s messengers, nations sometimes turn away from God, much like “stiff-necked” Israel did in the Old Testament.  I don’t expect there’s much to be gained from casting blame.  Better to let God speak, and acknowledge “there is none righteous, not even one.” (Rom. 3: 10)  Our place to start is with listening to what God is saying… not to others, but to us.

In the coming months we’ll be inviting CBA pastors & churches to pray.  The exact form this takes will be determined by the pastors/churches themselves.  (Stay tuned.)  But it’s clear America is at a crossroads, and “business as usual” won’t be enough.  Time to humble ourselves & pray.

In need of God’s intervention,