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2022 Special offering

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Each year in February and March, we sponsor a special offering. This year this offering is sponsoring one of our ministries, which is mentoring young leaders.

Why are we focusing on this?

  1. Our mission is to ensure that the influence of the gospel in this area is greater than it’s ever been into the next generation. If we want to influence a generation from now, we have to focus on young leaders.
  2. Our churches are struggling to find the next leaders that they need. We want to help resource our churches by helping them find the young leaders that they need.
  3. Several of our churches now have residency or intern programs.

We look forward to being able to accelerate the progress of all our churches by doing this!

We believe this is part of our role to help young men who are called into ministry to find a mentor and experience ministry in a healthy setting.

We thank you in advance for partnering in this and helping us make sure that a generation from now the influence of the gospel is greater than it has ever been!