Jesus compared the Kingdom of Heaven to a mustard seed which, despite it’s unimpressive size, eventually grows beyond all expectation. What seemed weak & vulnerable at first becomes a full grown tree, “so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.” (Matt. 13: 32)

More than a generation ago the churches of the CBA had faith to plant a “mustard seed” called Good Samaritan. What began as a small food closet has now grown to become one of the key benevolence providers in N.E. Georgia, and lots of people come to “nest in its branches.” Last year Good Samaritan distributed 1.4 million lbs. of food to 64,349 needy people in our region (34% of whom were children.) 28,657 people were helped with clothing; 292 received needed furniture items; and 97 were helped to find jobs. Best of all, every recipient had opportunity to sit down with a counselor who shared the good news of Jesus, and 117 people trusted Him as Savior!

Each year in February CBA sponsors a special offering highlighting at least one of our ministries. This year’s offering will be focused on Good Samaritan. Your “over & above” gift will help us keep pace with the growing need in N.E. Georgia, and also help write the next chapter in what God is doing.

The dates are set for Feb. 12th and 19th. Special envelopes and promotional materials are available through our office. (Go to, call Joan at 770-532-3371, or email Let us know if there’s anything we can provide to help you share the story with your church, family, and friends.

Thanks in advance for your support!